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Commercial Pool and Fountain Services Naples

Your Condo, apartment, business, resort or hotel is a valuable investment. Especially in a sluggish economy, no one can afford a poorly maintained pool eating away at income by scaring potential customers.

On the contrary: a beautifully maintained pool or fountain can be an attractive selling point.

Sweetwater Pool and Fountain Services will keep your pool and/or fountain sparkling clean and perfectly maintained, making it a dazzling center-piece to your property.

Bonita Bay Club

Lugano Village

Rookery Bay

The services we provide are unsurpassed, and the return to you will be happy residents and guests, and hassle-free maintenance of your pool. Sweetwater Pool Service is a wise investment for any serious real-estate company, Property Manager, or Home Owners Association.

Hi Jim and Denise,

I want to thank you both for all the help and information you have provided to me to pass along to the Board. They wanted me to let you know that you are the first company to go above and beyond to answer their questions, and it is much appreciated.

They gave me the go ahead to approve the replacement of the pump as you requested.

Thank you,

Lindsey Ady, CAM
Advanced Property Management Service, Inc

Our weekly or monthly service on Pools, Spas and Fountains helps to prevent unnecessary failure and keeps your facilities clean at all times.

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Sweetwater Fountain Services

  • Clean Pump Intake Screens
  • Clean Mechanical/Biological Filter Media
  • Clean Skimmer Baskets/Strainers
  • Clean Decorative Spitters, Nozzles, Art Pieces
  • Brush Interior Fountain Basin
  • Skim Surface Area to Remove Debris
  • Fountains – Monitor Water Chemical Levels
  • Add Water Chemicals as Required
  • Repair Fountain Equipment as Required
  • Ponds – Monitor Pond Water Levels
  • Add Natural Pond Products as Required
  • Repair Pond Equipment as Required
  • Evaluate if Replacement Parts are Needed (example: filter media pads, light bulbs)
  • Test Fountain/Pond Electrical & LightingMore about Sweetwater Fountain Services Naples
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Specs For Pool & Spa Maintenance

  • Check & Balance Water Chemistry (Cost of Chemicals Included)
  • Brush Pool & Spa Walls
  • Clean Tile
  • Clean Edge Skimmer
  • Skim Surface
  • Vacuum debris
  • Remove All Debris and Leaves From Pool & Spa
  • Clean Filters (as needed)
  • Clean Pump Strainer (as needed)
  • Adjust Water Levels (as needed)
  • Check Water Temperature in Both Pool & Spa
  • Make Sure All Equipment Is Operating Properly

Additional Requirements

  • Recommend Repairs Required To Successfully Maintain Pool, Spa and all Equipment
  • Document All Work and Service Per County Health Department Requirements
  • Fill out Daily Health Department Log.
  • Contact Property Manager Immediately if there is a Pool & Spa Problem.